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Rajeev Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission - Raiganj Town


‘Knowledge is power’, this maxim is known to us all. But, only bookish knowledge is not sufficient to thrive or hold one’s object in life. Along with the conventional education aptitude for computer literacy and computer

education is quintessential in 21st century. With the growing population, computer education becomes integral part as well as exceptionally important in our modern society.

We have to adapt to the technological literacy- technological literacy meaning, computer skills and the ability to use computer and other technology to improve learning and productivity. If the students’ technological literacy becomes strong and more advanced, they will have a greater opportunity for good jobs and higher incomes in future.
Our institute is designed for offering courses and programs for all students with the aspiration to enrich their skills and knowledge with technological literacy in this competitive global environment.

RGCSM Raiganj Town is strived to emerge as one of the best source of computer education. We are trying to spread the computer literacy and education through out the country and especially the rural areas/remote villages to develop their abilities to incorporate the technological literacy within their learning habits.

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