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Why Choose our Computer Courses?

RGCSM, an ISO 9001:2008 certified society, under the Directorate of Employment and Training, Government of India was motivated by our former Prime Minister, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. The primary objective of this institution is to impart the best quality computer education at affordable prices both in urban and rural areas of India.

This computer curriculum is primarily aimed at middle and lower-income group families who can only afford nominal fees for advanced education.

Why RGCSM is the best computer training academy?

  1. Government recognize
  2. Most advanced and up-to-date courses
  3. Modern fees for each program
  4. Professional faculties
  5. Instant certification
  6. 24/7 * 365 days customer support
  7. Recognized organization

The syllabus of our different computer curricula comprises industry-aligned and methodical IT programs. These educational courses help in training our students to obtain coveted technical jobs. RGCSM offers poor students basic and advanced courses at low fees for their educational and competency levels.

How can our Computer Courses help build your Career?

We have proven ourselves as one of the leaders of computer training with 30 courses, 2000 learning hubs, and over 100,000 students educated still now. To start imparting our computer curriculum, we perform an initial analysis first according to the job market scenario, which courses will serve better for the students in their profession.

Then, we follow a strict discipline of tracking and quantifying the performance of the students at the end of each module in a course. This is done through routine tests and evaluations, helping to enhance the competency level of the trainees. Hence, these computer application course assessments aid in developing the learners and boosting their skills for employment.

We offer diversified diploma, certificate, other technical, and self-development industry-specific courses. The majority of our computer courses entail course durations of 6 months to 1 year apart from some extending to 18 months.

  1. Among the courses, we offer a certificate, diploma, and an advanced diploma in Computer Applications of 6 to 12 months.
  2. Besides, we provide diploma in Software Development, and Hardware Technology, apart from an advanced diploma in Hardware and Networking Technology.
  3. Moreover, there are diploma courses in Multimedia and Web Designing, Financial Accounting, apart from account and Taxation.
  4. Furthermore, there are diploma, advance diploma, and honors diploma courses on Office Application and Publishing.
  5. Again, there is a diploma course on Computer Teacher Training focused only on candidates aiming to join the job industry as a teacher or faculty.
  6. The diploma Desktop Publishing course of 6 months is one of the best in securing jobs with very low course fees.
  7. Besides, a special self-improvement course like spoken English (SPE) of 6 months is offered to the candidates.

Moreover, we also provide extra classes for assisting students to apprehend the subjects in a better way.

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